Environment and Climate Change News

The Simple Pleasures

How a free shuttle helped a superficial town become more green

I’m All In

What I learned about climate change from a game of poker

What is climate change?

It isn't just an environmental thing. Share what climate change means to you.

China’s slow but considered approach to climate change

There may be no targets, but China appears to be building solid
foundations for Copenhagen

Smarter Irrigation for Crops and Landscaping

This is the tenth in a weekly series highlighting 15 green business innovations from Environmental Defense Fund's Innovations Review 2009

A Renewable Energy Revolution?

If this really is a revolution then we have done little more than gather in a dimly lit back room

Climate change and public health

Why it is so important to understand climate change and healthcare legislation and two parts of the same problem

The Military Understands ‘War-Like Urgency’

The military understands the consequences of climate change and is one of the few gov bodies to do something about it

The Important Carbon Capture and Storage Debate

Is carbon capture and storage a red herring or a dream come true?

Start refining your climate change arguments now

The power of NO is apparent in healthcare reform; it offers lessons for the battle over climate legislation to come


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