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From ethics to ecology in MBAs

Ethics courses and pledges in business schools across America are just one very small step in the right direction.

Building a Personal Environmental Impact Report from Scratch

Last week Jeff Burke of UCLA pointed me in the direction of PEIR, a unique collaboration of cell phones and environmental software that allows individuals to create their own Personal Environmental Impact Reports (PEIR). It is really a revolutionary idea and allows participants to take ownership and responsibility for their everyday decision-making.

Participatory Sensing Revolution

New technologies are enabling citizens to better understand the sources of their pollution in efforts to mitigate GHGs.

I’ll take the loopholes if it gets us a global climate deal

The US Climate Change Bill falls far short of the expectations of both Obama and environmental groups.

Water: right to profit?

Will future wars be fought over water? Should water be privatized?

Climate-Proof Genes?

Are GMOs the right answer to the food crisis and climate change?

Lessons from Kyoto

In December, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to thrash out an international agreement on global climate change. This comes after the Kyoto agreement in 1998 that failed to carry US support and was, as a result, largely watered down before implementation.

Insomnia and those little flashing lights

Last night I was lying in my bed, unable to sleep, looking at all the little red and green lights in my room. There were five (when I can sleep I tend to count things). This morning I decided to add up some more numbers.

Animal Obesity and Climate Change

50% of UK pets are overweight. Why should you care?

Conspicuous consumption hijacks eco-labeling

The new range rover comes with the first 40,000 miles offset.


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