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Sustainable Travel Ideas for Amsterdam

Find out other ways Amsterdam goes green with sustainable travel activities sure to challenge your perception.

Christmas Tree Farms for Merry Sustainable Travel

Krueger’s Christmas Trees provides a sustainable travel destination for wintery fun and that perfect tree.

Sustainable Travel for Sustainable Tea

Sustainable production of tea is on the rise. Now, sustainable travel can include a great cup of tea, too.

Sustainable Travel And Michael Vick- An Unlikely Pair

Sustainable travel to Philadelphia is a touchdown for the Eagles and the sustainable community.

Caraya Project, a Responsible Vacation to Save the Monkeys

Refugio del Caraya, in the  Córdoba Province of Argentina, offers a responsible vacation option for animal-lovers. The project rescues and rehabilitates zoo animals and ex-pet carayas and (ultimately) returns them to the wild.  Carayas are black howler monkeys, and they're the largest of all the New World monkeys.

Calling All Yertians: Green Travel Movie Needs Your Support

How's this for a green travel crusade: friends on the road exploring America's approach to sustainability in 50 different states. In 2007, Mark Dixon, Ben Evans and Julie Evans (Ben's wife) hit the road and interviewed over 800 people in order to assess America's ecological situation (the best, the worst, the weirdest).

"Pop-Up" Eco Travel Hotels

A new kind of eco travel hotel is attempting to distinguish itself by… disappearing. These so-called "pop-up" hotels are present for a season, and then they get packed up and leave no environmental trace whatsoever.

Giving Thanks for Sustainable Travel

Who says sustainable travel has to take a back seat to mac n’ cheese? Be grateful for these sustainable tips.

The Farm-Spa Becomes a Responsible Vacation Trend

Responsible vacation goers can now opt for more than an eco-spa, because farm-spas have entered the running. What, exactly, is a farm-spa?  Well, it might not be an official term, yet, but  "hyper-local spas" on farms have been popping up all over the world. The farm-to-table movement has moved to the massage-table.

Eco Friendly Destination: Switzerland is All Green (and White)

Switzerland is a very clean, very green, very eco friendly destination. Switzerland often tops the charts for "green" countries. Nearby neighbors, including Austria, France, and the Scandinavian countries usually make the list, but Switzerland is most always somewhere in the top three.


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