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Retaining Fiji on a Responsible Vacation

Fiji is an island worthy of a post card, and a responsible vacation could help to preserve its culture and beauty.

Zipline to a Responsible Vacation?

Skyline Eco-Adventures offers a high-speed track to a responsible vacation. Company wide, Skyline Eco-Adventures is part of "1% for the Planet", a group of businesses that gives back 1% of all sales to environmental effort. They also offset all their carbon emissions through credit with Carbon Fund.

Can Jail Hotels fit the Sustainable Travel bill?

The principles of sustainable travel can be applied to many travel features, but are jail prisons one of them?

Mekkah Metro, New Sustainable Travel Train to Mecca

Thanks to the Mekkah Metro, a high speed train to holy sites, Mecca now offers sustainable travel access. The train will transport between 130,000 - 170,000 passengers between holy sites this Hajj season, which is expected to start in mid November.  It's been dubbed "Holy Rituals Train".

Sustainable Travel Starts with a Stay at NU Hotel

NU Hotel provides a fresh spin on sustainable travel, raising the bar for modern, chic, and comfy lodging.

Sustainable Travel a la Michael Franti: Stay Human Retreat Center

Rock-star yogi Michael Franti and Carla Swanson have created a new sustainable travel locale: the Stay Human Retreat Center in Ubud, Bali. The tropical retreat will be open to visitors (looking to relax), as well groups who want to practice yoga or meditation.

L.A. Marathon: Responsible Vacation Options for the Non- Runner

The L.A. Marathon is a suitable responsible vacation option for the novice, expert, and non- runner.

Mount Everest, an Eco Friendly Destination (with 3G)?

High mountain peaks are typically eco friendly destination stops: no people, no trash, no noise. Just a spectacular view of open space, a lot of quiet, and a sense that nature is ever-present and alive. However, as of last week, there's something else ever-present at the top of Mount Everest: 3G.

Sustainable Travel Could Stop Albania from Crumbling

Vuno is sliding and crumbling, but with more sustainable travel, this countryside could truly flourish.

Can Sustainable Travel Save Mwandama?

How can sustainable travel help to lift over 300 million people out of poverty? It’ll take more than a guided tour.


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