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Miches Hopes to Become an Eco Friendly Destination

Miches, a small, tranquil town in the Dominican Republic, hopes to become an eco friendly destination. Miches is rich with natural beauty: pristine beaches, mountains, waterfalls, tropical weather and wildlife. Unfortunately, many people in Miches live in poverty. Electricity is sporadic, water is unclean and the economy is subsistence-based due their isolation from other communities.

Sustainable Travel via US Armed Forces

A little bit of competition never hurts, especially when sustainable travel is involved.

Does Saving Pennies Trump the Green Travel Trend?

FlightNetwork polled Canadians about their interest in green travel. Offers Responsible Vacation Options

Zuvy offers short-term responsible vacation opportunities.

Sustainable Travel by Innovative Airbus

Summary: The Airbus Concept Plan gives us a preview of an innovative sustainable travel method to come.

Sustainable Sushi on a Responsible Vacation

A responsible vacation should revolve around the idea of conserving the environment, but who says it can’t revolve around flavor as well? Sushi has long been considered a rather modestly produced delicatessen, but some types of sushi are now sustainably produced.

Serengeti Highway Threatens a Favorite Eco Friendly Destination

Serengeti, the eco friendly destination, is threatened by a planned highway.

Museum Day for a Cost Effective Responsible Vacation

Gratis admission on Museum Day makes a responsible vacation an educational and affordable vacation.

September Splendor: Eco Travel in Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte, Colorado offers old-fashioned eco travel.


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