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Sustainable Travel for Safe and Satisfying Sustainable Seafood

A slew of websites are helping to educate and promote sustainable seafood for your sustainable travel convenience.

Eco-Travel Trend: Glamping is Groovy

Glamping, or glamour camping, is one of the latest green travel trends. Think about it: a vacation close to the outdoors, but with a few ounces of luxury. A shower. A comfy bed. Eco-outhouses. Not only is it cushier and comfier than roughing it, glamping is less expensive than standard lodging and it's greener.

National Parks Offer Free Admission This Weekend- Perfect for a Family Vacation!

This weekend, a vacation at our national parks becomes affordable American families on tighter budgets.

Should We Really Travel to the Gulf for Safe Seafood?

As the Gulf struggles to survive a dismal summer travel season, concern arises about the safety of the seafood.

ESTC: Sustainable Tourism Conference

Portland, Oregon will host the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference, September 8-10.

Was Michelle Obama's Vacation in Spain Excessive?

Michelle Obama's recent vacation in Spain attracted (a lot of) media attention.

Sustainable Farm Tours for Informative Sustainable Travel

Sustainable farm associations across the country offer informative farm tours for a sustainable travel experience.

Swimming Holes- A Refreshing Idea for Responsible Travel

Forward- thinking company promotes swimming holes as a new form of responsible travel.

Sustainable Travel Sustainable Snacks

Innovative companies are uniting sustainable travel and travel snacks.


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