CSX Partner Spotlight: The American Red Cross

Apr 10, 2017 9:30 PM ET

CSX’s community investment strategy is supported by a strong group of nonprofit partner organizations who are equally committed to addressing real community needs across four focus areas: Safety, Community, Environment and Wellness. This week, our spotlight is on an organization that provides critical support to communities when they need it the most: The American Red Cross.

CSX and the Red Cross are natural partners with expertise in working with first responders and providing critical support infrastructure.  To adequately protect and respond to the people it serves, the Red Cross needs to be able to mobilize at a moment’s notice, which is where CSX comes into play. For more than 20 years, CSX and its employees have provided financial and in-kind support to the Red Cross.

Some recent highlights of CSX’s partnership with the American Red Cross include:

  • Disaster Relief – Following Hurricane Joaquin in 2015, CSX delivered 38 pallets of water to Red Cross chapters in South Carolina. And in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, the Red Cross turned to CSX to help return Emergency Response Vehicles to home chapters across the country.
  • Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Campaigns – CSX frequently matches employee contributions to the Red Cross to support affected communities following natural disasters.
  • Helping Before A Disaster Hits – CSX also supports the Red Cross by pre-investing in disaster readiness and response by ensuring the Red Cross can pre-position supplies, secure shelters, maintain vehicles and train volunteers nationwide, so they are always ready to respond, day and night. This support also means Red Cross can remain on hand to assist people as they recover and help become better prepared for the next disaster. In addition, CSX prepositions supplies like water and ice to local communities like Northeast Florida before Hurricane Matthew impacted the First Coast.

To learn more about CSX and the Red Cross’s partnership – along with CSX’s additional partnerships that support and uplift the communities – visit Beyond Our Rails.