Dr. Amir Mokhtari, Booz Allen Chief Scientist, Uses Real-Time Data to Empower Decision Makers

Oct 2, 2020 8:40 AM ET

“The greatest reward is knowing that our solutions can provide easy-to-understand, actionable, and real-time metrics.”

Dr. Amir Mokhtari’s path to Booz Allen began with his time as a post-doctoral student at North Carolina State University, where his primary focus was on developing mathematical models to estimate risks to human health associated with low probability and high impact events such as exposure to contaminated foods and infectious diseases.

During his decade-long career in mathematical modeling and data science, Dr. Mokhtari has realized the importance of using advanced methods in computational modeling and the need for empowering decision-makers with clear, timely, and relevant data. 

Dr. Mokhtari stated, “I gained a better understanding of the insights that models can provide for decision-makers.”

Modeling risk leads to a larger vision

During his career working in the private sector and US Government, Dr. Mokhtari has become a versatile risk modeler, developing expertise in a wide range of methods from agent-based modeling of disease transmission to deep learning analytics applied to the surveillance data. 

Dr. Mokhtari’s passion for empowering people with data led him to his current position as a chief scientist at Booz Allen.

“I chose Booz Allen because I wanted to work for an organization that is committed to solving big problems, that values innovation and creativity, and that has the vision to create a better future,” he said.

A place to learn, grow, and take on new challenges 

Dr. Mokhtari said he knew he had made the right choice when he and his Booz Allen colleagues began developing a COVID-19 centered simulator to predict a safer return to the workplace. 

A virtual laboratory, the simulator allows public health officials to test a wide range of assumptions and forecast different “what-if” scenarios to guide their risk management strategies. According to Dr. Mokhtari, “It’s a technically sophisticated solution that exemplifies our creativity and desire to make a difference.” 

At Booz Allen, he shares he’s found an environment “where each of us is empowered to learn, grow, and take on new challenges.”  

Dr. Mokhtari shared, “The energy at Booz Allen and the focus on technical excellence really drive me to be the best version of myself, personally and professionally.”

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