Elegant Roots' Latest Kiva Loan

Try Kiva -- You'll Like It!
Jul 30, 2009 8:13 AM ET

Elegant Roots is happy to report it has just completed another microloan through the outstanding site, kiva.org. The notion of providing support on a person-to-person basis aligns perfectly with the core values of Elegant Roots — the very reason it exists is to support the visions of those striking out on their own to make a product in which they have pride. For ElegRoo, we focus on socially responsible products. We can’t determine that with regard to every kiva microloan. Regardless, first steps in a positive direction have great value. We’re thrilled to be able to assist, as we are with each of the artisans/designers/small businesses that you will find represented on the pages of ElegantRoots.com.

Our loan of a modest $25 put Mr. Jesus Gustavo Espinoza Almendares of Honduras over the top on his requested loan. The fact that we could make the completing loan adds a certain thrill to the otherwise rewarding experience of a person-to-person gesture. Especially given the unsettled nature of Honduran politics, we’re hoping that this loan can accord a modicum of stability.

Taken from kiva: "Mr. Jesus Gustavo Espinoza Almendares has been running his own carpentry business for over 4 years. His business operates under the name of Carpinteria ESPINOZA.

In his workshop he produces a large variety of furniture such as panel doors, windows, tables, dressers and beds. His workshop stands out because it also produces wood panels for vehicles.

He lives with his common law wife and is a father of 3 children, who depend on him 100%. All of his children are in school. With the profits that the business generates, he is able to cover his financial needs at the moment.

He needs a loan to move his business forward. He also has a project to manufacture several types of furniture and he needs the capital to start this project.

ElegRoo (and this writer) strongly recommend that you check out kiva.org. You can now loan to US persons. You can create a “team” for loans — I just saw one associated with a wedding (a great idea to start married life with such a cooperative gesture of goodwill).

Try kiva. You’ll like it. I can guarantee it.