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Sep 28, 2011 2:30 PM ET
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In 2010, the Network for Business Sustainability published a cutting edge report on Embedding Sustainability in Organizational Culture. Prepared by Dr. Stephanie Bertels and her research team at Simon Fraser University, the report presents a portfolio of practices gleaned from a systematic review of the entire body of research on sustainability and organizational culture. Quickly gaining traction in the business community, the framework that they developed provides guidance to those leading the shift toward a culture of sustainability. Based on a synthesis of data from 179 studies, spanning 15 years of research, that review presents the most comprehensive and credible evidence to date on embedding sustainability in organizational culture.

In order to tailor this work for the municipal sector, The Natural Step Canada, in collaboration with Dr. Stephanie Bertels, is currently updating this work for the municipal context, teasing out municipal examples of the various practices. This brief provides an introduction to that work. The full report Embedding Sustainability into the Culture of Municipal Government will be launched in the fall of 2011. Our aim is to provide practical guidance for municipal practitioners and organizations, based on leading research, to support a culture of sustainability in municipalities across the country.

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