Fashion, Fun and Good Business

Sep 20, 2010 9:45 AM ET

So you thought fashion was all fun and frills. Surprise, surprise! The New York fashion scene this week has taken itself seriously and tackled some of the worlds most pressing social issues. In the world of haute couture, socially responsible and sustainable business are all the rage.


 Modeling Good: Brunello Cucinelli Luxury Cashmere 

Fashion Week is over, but the week held memorable events for the "Good Business" community.
By far the most fabulous event of Fashion Night 2010 in New York (September 10) was the jazzy champagne flowing evening at haute couture cashmere company Brunello Cucinelli. At least that is where Good-B's Executive Director Monika Mitchell and Associate Editor Debbie Almonte chose to spend the evening.
Decked out in their Madison Avenue best, Deb and Monika strolled into Cucinelli at 683 Madison Ave, 2 blocks from Barney's New York, to join the festive New York tradition. Why? Well, first of all, the event featured the brilliantly talented and upcoming star Joey Pero. Pero sings like Sinatra, plays like Wynton, and looks like a young Elvis. The charming Joey recently released his new album "Resonance" to critical acclaim-worth a listen and destined to be a classic.
However, what brought Good-B's dynamic duo there was not the young star, fantastic music or the fabulous clothes, it was the philosophy of the luxury cashmere company itself. Company founder Brunello Cucinelli is a self-described "ethical capitalist." What? Not just fluff and feathers? Er...cashmere?
New York Fashion Week: Compassion goes Trendy
Never say that New Yorkers trivialize the most sacred things, but...we can find a way to make almost anything chic!
This week was Fashion Week in the Big Apple and the buzz in high couture is eco-conscious and socially responsible. Green rags are all the rage. Earth911 reported on a great collection by eco-conscious Luis Valenzuela called "upcycled couture" featuring clothing made with "silk from lampshades, chandelier crystals and printed recycled fabrics." reports one designer Jaclyn Sharp presented her collection "Imposter" featuring fake fur and imitation leather. Sharp brands her line as "certified animal friendly" for those animal lovers who wish to make "the compassionate choice."