Five Innovators Heading to CGI: Naya Jeevan, A Doctor's Rx for Micro Insurance

Sep 23, 2010 9:30 AM ET

“Excuse me, do you work with large clusters of marginalized low income populations?”

Some of us arrived a day early for the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Sixth Annual Meeting. One reason to do that is to attend the CGI Exchange, a robust pre-meeting exhibition event where you can visit with more than eighty amazing NGOs (global nonprofits)!

When I overheard this question being asked of the CEO of an NGO at one booth, I turned to find out who was asking. He was Asher Hasan, M.D., MBA, Founder and CEO, Naya Jeevan (which means “new life” in urdu/hindi). Hasan told me that one of his objectives at CGI is to find partner organizations to serve large groups of low income families in developing countries. Hasan’s mission is to provide families with micro insurance at subsidized rates under a novel national group health insurance model, beginning in Pakistan (underwritten by Allianz-EFU, IGI Insurance, and AsiaCare). Further, he explained that “the lack of affordable access to quality hospitalization, healthcare, and social services is a major source of financial destitution and generational poverty in the emerging world.”

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