Founding Member Seventh Generation Renews Commitment to Whole Planet Foundation Supplier Alliance for Microcredit

Jul 6, 2021 4:40 PM ET

For two weeks beginning June 23, supplier partners are supporting the Whole Planet Foundation Prosperity Campaign in select Whole Foods Market stores and online to alleviate poverty in countries that supply the company’s stores with products. 

Since 2006, Whole Planet Foundation has disbursed $92 million through microfinance partners in 78 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas, including in 20 U.S. cities. Whole Planet Foundation collaborates with a wide network of microfinance organizations and supports entrepreneurs in some of the most marginalized and remote communities around the world, funding 4.9 million microloans and 26 million opportunities for a better life for microentrepreneurs and their family members.

“With a microcredit loan, an impoverished woman can generate income and lift up herself and her family. Each year, the generosity and support of Team Members, shoppers, suppliers and corporate partners provides life-changing opportunities for microentrepreneurs to generate income and lift themselves and their families out of poverty,” said Joy Stoddard, Whole Planet Foundation development and outreach director.  Because Whole Foods Market covers the foundation’s operational costs, 100% of every donation benefits microcredit clients.

Seventh Generation has committed $50,000 to Whole Planet Foundation this year. As a repeat annual donor, Seventh Generation has donated $650,000 to fund 24,175 microloans and create 137,865 opportunities for a better life.

Seventh Generation is a founding member of the Whole Planet Foundation Supplier Alliance for Microcredit, donating $650,000 since they first began giving in 2008. The team from Seventh Generation have joined us to witness microcredit in Paraguay, South Africa, Nepal, and various cities in the United States, meeting microcredit clients whose dreams of starting or expanding their businesses were just a microloan away. Through deep partnership with our microfinance partners, donors like Seventh Generation have been able to tell the story of our mission to their donors through our work in the field. Through content like these videos and landing pages from trips to South Africa and Nepal, Seventh Generation and their parent company, Unilever continue to deepen our collective mission to empower people living in poverty around the globe.

Learn more about the transformative power of microcredit at Whole Planet Foundation, and join Seventh Generation in the Prosperity Campaign online to fund essential businesses of women entrepreneurs worldwide.