#GHCCGhana Recap: GHFP-II, Dow, PIMCO, & PYXERA Global on the Power of Tri-Sector Collaboration in Global Health

Jul 28, 2016 10:30 AM ET

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On July 13th, leaders from Global Health Fellows Program (GHFP) II, The Dow Chemical Company, PIMCO, and PYXERA Global joined us to talk about the Global Health Corporate Champions. As the chat got started, our panelists and audience dove right into the conversation – sharing data, facts and figures. The panelists started the formal conversation with some introductions:

  • #GHCCGhana GHFP-II is @USAID's premiere & comprehensive Fellowship program that identifies and supports diverse #GH professionals - @GHFPII (tweet)
  • Hello and happy to be here! Neil Hawkins, Corporate VP, EH&S, & Chief Sustainability Officer, @DowChemical #GHCCGhana#Dow2025 - @neilchawkins (tweet)
  • #GHCCGhana Hi everyone! This is Amanda MacArthur, Chief Program Officer at PYXERA Global behind the handle today. - @PYXERAGlobal (tweet)
  • Doug Hodge, CEO of PIMCO and President of the PIMCO Foundation #GHCCGhana - @PIMCOFoundation (tweet)

As the chat progressed, the audience grew with people from various sectors who are involved or interested in global health and tri-sector collaboration. A stronger discussion developed around the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) and how they impact global health. With introductions out of the way, it was time to get to the heart of #GHCCGhana and we asked which of the Sustainable Development Goals contribute most to good global health?

We also looked at how to bring in a diverse set of skills and experiences to tackle some of the most pressing global health challenges of our day.

  • Try work in teams of folks who think differently than you & on projects w/ less resources than you’re accustomed to #GHCCghana - @GHFPII (tweet)
  • Work in diverse teams can instill #cultural competencies, adaptability, flexibility which are key for success in #GH #GHCCghana - @GHFPII (tweet)
  • The experience delivered a triple win Healthcare in Ghana, Company Leadership Development, Personal Fulfillment @DowChemical#GHCCGhana - @DRBoverhof (tweet)

Discussion around the SDGs continued throughout the chat and mentions of ways to get involved and the role corporations play started coming through.

Overall this was a fantastic chat that went over various areas related to global health and the involvement of SDGs. Make sure to go into the Storify archive to catch a glimpse of all the tweets of #! Many thanks to GHFP-II, Dow, PIMCO, and PYXERA Global.