Hershey: Exploring Sustainable Packaging

Jan 13, 2021 10:50 AM ET


Hershey is dedicated to delivering safe, high-quality products to our consumers and packaging is a key component to that consumer promise. However, we recognize packaging waste is a mounting global issue that is increasingly on the minds of our customers and consumers. We’re actively looking into how we can package our products more sustainably. Exploring sustainable packaging options requires a holistic approach that balances consumer needs, quality and safety, manufacturing and distribution implications. In assessing solutions, we are cautious to ensure we are not solving one problem only to create another. While we pursue more sustainable options our priority is to make sure that our packaging continues to support bringing high-quality and safe consumable products to market.


Hershey continues to work towards its 25 by 25 commitments to reduce packaging by 25 million pounds compared to 2015. In 2019, Hershey formed an enterprise-wide taskforce focused on the goal of sustainable packaging. Going forward, this group will drive a measured and impactful way for Hershey to improve packaging sustainability, with a goal of embedding sustainability in all packaging decisions. 


Presently, 80 percent of our product packaging by weight is recyclable. We have also saved 23,612,000 pounds of packaging cumulatively since 2015, putting us at approximately 94 percent of our 2025 goal. This progress was driven by re-designing existing packaging for sustainability improvements such as lightweighting and eliminating materials. For example, Hershey pioneered display-ready packaging, which allowed store display cases to be sent in a one-piece design and eliminated the need for cover packaging. 


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