Inner Work: The Heart of Organizational Equity Work

Apr 5, 2022 10:00 AM ET

We hear about "inner work" often when we work with companies on equity. What do we mean by "inner work" and why is it so important? In the latest FSG blog, Nikhil Bumb shares professional and personal experiences demonstrating how inner work is crucial to companies advancing and achieving equity.

“In our experience, people that are leading meaningful (racial) equity work within companies invest in inner reflection…corporate leaders who aren’t setting aside the necessary time for this deeply personalized reflection often struggle the most with the pace of change and are in danger of snapping back to a status quo where the company fails to create an inclusive culture, tokenizes employees of color and other marginalized employees, and does not consider equity as part of its purpose.”

Read Inner Work: The Heart of Organizational Equity Work to learn how you and your organization can advance racial equity by doing the hard work of inner work.

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