Investing in Our Future Leaders

Sep 18, 2018 5:25 AM ET

At Goldcorp, we believe that developing our people enables them to achieve their ultimate potential and helps them exceed their goals. We are committed to investing in and developing all our employees. As an example, our StepUP program is designed to equip everyone to achieve results in a safe, productive and responsible way, by aligning our business and people practices around a core set of behaviours. Successful performance is a result of not just what we do, but also how we do it and the StepUP behaviours define what we can expect from one another at every level of the organization.

It is also important for us to be looking to the future. We’re cultivating a pipeline of keen, engaged leaders who can help perpetuate our culture and our values, which is critical to ensuring our success going forward.

As part of our overall approach to talent management, we’ve been improving our succession planning process for our Executives, Mine General Managers and other mission-critical roles, where we ask our leadership to identify people they believe have the performance and potential to step into their respective roles someday.

We were incredibly pleased to find that this succession planning process last year exposed many people who have the potential to take on additional responsibilities, and we also selected our first group of participants for the Future Leaders Program from this process. The Future Leaders Program is a one-year development initiative that supports and accelerates growth and readiness for selected individuals to take on progressively more challenging leadership roles.

There are four components to the Future Leaders Program:

  1. Assessment and development feedback
  2. Personalized development planning
  3. Leadership training
  4. Executive exposure

The program also encompasses coaching and mentorship components that provide further guidance and exposure to the participants.  The various components of the program challenge participants in different ways. From assessing their current strengths and areas of development to participating in valuable learning and engagement opportunities, participants gain exposure in a way that allows them to stretch beyond their boundaries.

We are fortunate to have a deep pool of exceptional talent upon which to draw. Of the individuals selected to participate in the first cohort, many have taken on more challenging projects and responsibilities that continue to add considerable value to the organization. Others have also assumed expanded leadership roles within the organization since participating in the program.

The second cohort of Future Leaders has also been identified and the program is well underway for 2018. With programs like StepUP and Future Leaders, our aim is to develop our people by providing the right avenues that will help them further their skills and overall development. Our talent management practices strongly encourage all our employees to own their career by continuously challenging themselves and seeking opportunities to further their growth, and we are proud to call ourselves a talent house for developing exceptional individuals.

To read more about our Future Leaders Program and StepUP, visit our 2017 Sustainability Report here.