It’s Time for American Leadership in Electric Vehicles

Oct 26, 2018 8:30 AM ET

In a recent OpEd featured in, General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra calls for a National Zero Emission Vehicle (NZEV) program that would accelerate the development and customer acceptance of electric vehicles and establish the U.S. as a technology leader.

In the opinion piece Barra states: “We estimate this program has the potential to place more than 7 million long-range EVs on the road by 2030, while yielding a cumulative incremental reduction of 375 million tons of CO2 emissions between 2021 and 2030.

To help encourage widespread acceptance of electric vehicles in this country, we propose these complementary initiatives:

  1. Infrastructure investments to accelerate accessible, convenient electric charging.

  2. Renewing and enhancing federal incentives for U.S. consumers to buy electric vehicles. As electrification reaches its tipping point, allowing these effective incentives to expire, as currently scheduled, will stifle growth.

  3. Regulatory incentives to support U.S. battery suppliers, who can spark domestic job growth with advanced battery development and production.”

You can read the OpEd at A fact sheet outlining the details of the proposed program can be found here.

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