Mary Kay Brazil Launches The Mary Kay Institute

Mar 25, 2016 10:10 AM ET

At Mary Kay, giving back is a core principle that lives in the heart of the Mary Kay independent sales force worldwide. Here in Brazil, both our sales force and employees have always been involved in projects to help Mary Kay’s mission of enriching women’s lives. As we continue to grow in Brazil, we felt it was time to consolidate Mary Kay Brazil’s various corporate social responsibility initiatives into one. In 2014, we founded Instituto Mary Kay (Mary Kay Institute). These initiatives include local community projects to support domestic violence survivors and breast cancer prevention.

According to United Nations, there are more than 5 million illiterate adult women in Brazil. Being aware of these problems that affect women in our communities, Mary Kay Brazil analyzed the situation and decided to invest in a literacy program for adult women called Primeiros Passos (First Steps). In partnership with Alfasol, a renowned NGO specialized on educational programs,  Primeiros Passos will provide literacy classes to more than 230 women in 4 cities in Brazil: Barueri (São Paulo), Betim (Minas Gerais), Campina Grande (Paraíba) and Belém (Pará).

Primeiros Passos was officially launched during the Mary Kay Brazil 2016 Seminar, and the reception by our independent sales force couldn’t have been more positive!  All of them were excited by this initiative, and many of them offered to volunteer right away. Seminar was also a great opportunity for us to collect donations for Instituto Mary Kay. For those who made a donation of at least R$ 35 (BRL), Mary Kay gifted them with an Instituto Mary Kay personalized cup. Thanks to the Mary Kay Brazil sales force, we managed to give away more than 1,100 cups and collect more than R$ 40,000 (BRL), funds that will support future Instituto Mary Kay initiatives.

We invite you to learn more about the Primeiros Passos program and Instituto Mary Kay on our website (link in Portuguese).

Today's blog is from Fernanda Campioni, Corporate Communications Manager at Mary Kay Brazil. She and her team are responsible for corporate communications, public relations, Mary Kay Institute, crisis management, endomarketing, final consumer events, prizes, and partnerships at Mary Kay Brazil.