Mike Bloomberg: Business Journalism Can Help Africa Fulfill its Promise

by Michael Bloomberg
Nov 19, 2015 3:55 PM ET

Originally posted on CapitalFM

Great journalists have an essential role to play in building strong, fair, and open societies – and nowhere is the media’s potential to make a difference greater than in Africa. With growing economies, increasingly robust democracies, and ever more vibrant civil societies opening new doors of opportunity and driving progress against poverty and disease, it’s no wonder that many look to Africa as the next engine of the global economy. Beyond just telling the success stories that have come to define Africa’s fast-growing economies, strong journalism—especially strong business journalism—can help make more of them possible.

Great business journalism can help attract more global investment in Africa by increasing transparency and accountability in capital markets, improving public access to important financial information, and holding the powerful—in both government and business—accountable for corruption and wrong-doing that sets back economic development. Business news and data also help African companies identify new opportunities on the continent and abroad, which creates jobs and drives innovation.

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