ON Semiconductor Promotes Women Leaders Through Mentorship

Jan 30, 2020 1:20 PM ET

Success comes with learning and what better way than with a mentor! Thanking your mentors might seem trivial or can be uncomfortable, but gratefulness goes a long way. January is best known for National Mentoring Month and giving back to those who have helped shape your career and aspirations.

At ON Semiconductor, our Breakthrough Leadership Program goes beyond conventional advice to women to address the skills that enable women to move from middle management into senior and executive positions. 

Our Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) affinity network group was instrumental in incorporating this program as part of our Learning and Development platform. WLI’s mission is empowering and supporting women to succeed through professional development in business, strategic and financial acumen.

The program was developed by Leading Women, one of the world's premier consulting firms for companies committed to closing the leadership gender gap and achieving their goals for women's advancement.

Based in groundbreaking research, the six-part program examines what it means to get to and lead from the top of organizations. Participants learn through live facilitated workshops, online modules and virtual meetings, and leave with a deeper understanding about leaders, The Missing 33%™ of the career success equation for women, how to Think Like a CEO, Speak the Language of Power™, how to Make the Most of Mentoring, and many other essential skills.

As part of the Breakthrough Leadership program, a key component for our senior female leaders is mentorship. To date, we have had over 50 participants in the program. 

When you hear the word “mentoring,” you likely think of a one-on-one developmental relationship between one mentor and one mentee.  However, mentoring can take various shapes and forms. 

As we celebrate this special holiday, let’s consider how we can further engage in mentorship and be sure to give thanks to those who have mentored you on January 30th, which is #ThankYourMentor Day! 

Learn more about our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in ON Semiconductor’s 2018 CSR Report.