ON Semiconductor Ranks 32 on the Newsweek’s Ranking of America’s Most Responsible Companies 2020

Feb 14, 2020 8:00 AM ET

Newsweek has joined the ranks – pun definitely intended – in grading companies based not only on profits but their commitment to doing good. Newsweek partnered with global data research firm, Statista Inc., to publish their inaugural list of America’s Most Responsible Companies for 2020.  

ON Semiconductor is proud to be ranked #32 out of 300 American based companies, spanning 14 industries, on the list. Per their methodology, over 2,000 public companies were analyzed using a four phase process beginning in June 2019. They pre-screened each company based on multiple criteria such as published CSR reports, sustainability reports or other similar public disclosures dating back to 2017.  All of the companies that fulfilled the requirements of the pre-screen were then evaluated in detail. 

The detailed analysis included an independent survey among 6,500 U.S. citizens along with comprehensive review of public disclosures in the form of Corporate Annual Reports, CSR Reports, Sustainability Reports and Corporate Citizenship Reports. They administered the survey via an online access panel that took place from August 2019 through September 2019.

The analysis, and ultimate scoring criteria, were based on three areas of Corporate Social Responsibility: Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. Each company’s score was based on survey performance as well as key performance indicators. The 300 companies that scored the highest overall were given the designation of “America’s Most Responsible Companies 2020.”

“Companies, we all know, need to make a profit to prosper and survive. Making a buck, after all, is important to investors, employees and vendors. But over the years, executives have come to realize that they need to do much more. That is, by giving back to the communities they operate in and standing up as good neighbors and citizens,” as shared by Nancy Cooper, Global Editor in Chief, as published in an article in Newsweek

ON Semiconductor has diligently prioritized Corporate Social Responsibility in recent years and their dedication to People, Planet and Profits continues to shine in big ways. Raw passion and commitment to doing what’s right for both the company and the community is what drives the CSR collaboration at ON Semiconductor and their future in this space has never looked brighter.

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