Qualcomm Collaborates with Stakeholders to Bring the Future Forward

Apr 26, 2017 10:20 AM ET

We are working with stakeholders around the globe to bring breakthrough ideas to life in many areas ranging from innovative infrastructure to better health to economic empowerment. Our connections can bring the future forward faster, driving human and economic progress, and our employees, investors, suppliers, customers, governments, communities and nonprofit organizations are key to accelerating the invention and implementation of our mobile technology for social good.

To be effective, our efforts must not only be collaborative, but also consider a wide range of perspectives. We continuously seek the input and opinions of those who have a stake in our Company and our actions. We host informational sessions, sponsor conferences, participate in working groups, conduct trainings and maintain ongoing communications with a diverse range of people who shape and influence our sustainability policies and initiatives.

Here's a sample of what we accomplished together in 2016:

Leveraged Technology to Support the SDGs: The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the 17 global goals that the international development community committed to work toward in 2015. Investments in mobile technology infrastructure are key to achieving sustainable development and empowering communities in many countries. Through Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™, we are able to demonstrate the new and innovative ways to utilize mobile technology to achieve the SDGs. In 2016, Wireless Reach celebrated its 10th anniversary; we have impacted nearly 10 million people through 114 programs in 46 countries, focused on education, entrepreneurship, health, public safety and the environment.

Engaged Our Employees in Celebrating Diversity: We hosted a wide variety of International Women’s Day events throughout our offices worldwide and over 1,000 employees participated. One such offering was a panel called “Men Who Champion Women,” which highlighted how important it is for men to provide support, encouragement and mentorship to women colleagues. We also expanded our support and employee sponsorship of internal programs for female leaders in STEM, as these programs play a key role in enabling women to build their careers and extend their networks beyond our Company and into the community.

Worked with Stakeholders on Water Issues: We participated in internal and external cross-industry forums to help us identify, adopt and further develop best practices in sustainability. For example, we sponsored and presented at the Business of Water Summit 2016 in Arizona, which was attended by over 150 individuals from the public and private sector. This was an opportunity to share innovations and best practices on water conservation, sustainability and corporate water stewardship – charting a course to balance water demands for industry, cities, agriculture and recreation. We also joined other companies representing 10 sectors of the California economy, including agribusiness, apparel, beverage, energy, healthcare, construction and technology, in the Ceres Connect the Drops campaign. This campaign supports resilient water solutions at a time of unprecedented drought in California.

Learn more about Qualcomm's sustainability programs in the 2016 Qualcomm Sustainability Report.