Sponsor Groundbreaking Workplace Giving and Employee Engagement Research

Jan 11, 2017 6:25 PM ET

Workplace giving has evolved considerably in the past decade. Since 2000, America’s Charities has been reporting trends that are shaping this evolving field from both the employer and nonprofit perspective.  In 2017, our Snapshot report series will continue to capture topics at the forefront of social responsibility, employee engagement, digital culture and impact. But for the first time ever, we will explore trends in employee giving from the perspective of donors.

Multiple Ways to Be Part of this Landmark Research:

America’s Charities’ 2017 Snapshot report will explore trends in employee giving from the perspective of donors.

With your support, our researchers will survey employees who participate in company-giving programs to learn about what they value, how they make decisions about giving, and how their giving impacts their relationships with their employers.

This landmark research will help companies gain insights into how to:

  • Communicate more effectively with their employees,
  • Build partnerships with charities that align with the values of workplace donors, and
  • Retain and attract the best talent

By supporting this first-ever survey, you’ll gain access to customized research that you can use to benchmark your company’s programs with others in the field. You’ll also get the opportunity to share your expertise with an engaged audience of corporate leaders, employees, and charities that are interested in workplace giving.

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