Carbon Emissions

Climate Change Legislation U.S.: 2011 and Beyond

Caltech Reactor a Breakthrough for Sustainable Business

Laboratory researchers have found a way to use cerium to convert the sun's energy into a liquid fuel.

Acid Rain Program Shows EPA Ready to Take on Carbon Energy and Emissions

The Clean Air Act successfully reduced acid rain pollution. The EPA should now enforce similar restrictions on carbon.

California Prepared to Put Climate Change Law into Action

After a public mandate in support of clean energy, California is deciding how its climate bill will be implemented.

In 2010, Developing Countries Lead the Way on Wind

This year countries like China, India, South Korea, and Mexico will install more wind than industrialized nations.

Vulnerable Countries Call for No More than 1.5 Degrees of Climate Change

Small island nations say their survival depends on keeping the worldwide temperature increase below 1.5 degrees Celsius

Time Running Out for Forests and Climate Change

This month in Cancun, the world has a chance to dramatically curb deforestation. The trick is in doing it right.

Gigaton Awards Highlights Companies that Care About Climate Change

The first annual Gigaton Awards were given to businesses that care about action on climate change. Who won?

South Korea Aims to Produce 1 Million Electric Cars by 2020

South Korea is a country with a lot on her mind as of late.

Will the US Stand by its Climate Aid Promises?

A broad-based movement urges the Obama administration to stand by pledges made last year in Copenhagen.


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