Carbon Emissions

Climate Change Inaction is the Real War on the World’s Poor

Climate change will cause around one million deaths per year, mostly in poor countries.

The Climate Change Hypocrisy of World Clean Coal Week

Speakers at World Clean Coal Weak misrepresent the impacts of pollution and climate change on developing countries.

Youth Voters Bring Support for Clean Air Act to DC

Today marks the culmination of weeks of campus organizing in support of public health and clean energy.

China-US Youth Climate Exchange Launches in Cancun

Youth from the world's two biggest carbon emitters set out to fight climate change and increase understanding.

How Your Turkey Day Oil Can Become Valuable Biofuels

Last week was Thanksgiving and Americans across the country took a little time to eat some turkey, watch some football, and spend some time with their families. With Thanksgiving now just a distant memory of a full stomach, it has been left to a certain group of people to deal with the aftermath.

Thank the EPA, and Tell it to Finally End Mountaintop Removal

The public has until December 1st to weigh in on regulations to curb destructive coal mining.

Why Christine Gregoire Must Put the Brakes on Coal Exports

Recognized nationally for climate leadership, Governor Gregoire can stop the Northwest from becoming a coal export zone

Three Thoughts for a Climate Change-Friendly Thanksgiving

Keep your carbon footprint in check and still enjoy Thanksgiving with these three insights.

The Belo Monte Dam: A Roadblock to Brazilian Sustainable Business

The Belo Monte Dam Complex project would displace communities, drown rainforests, and emit harmful methane gas.

The Climate Change Tribe

Inspired by Seth Godin's book, Tribes, we find that those that care about climate change require a leader... who?


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