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Facebook and Green Social Movement

Dealing with Climate Change Without Congressional Action

Oregon Commission Misses Opportunity to Invest in Solutions to Climate Change

It's now more important than ever that other state end federal agencies work to close the Boardman Coal Plant.

Racing Green Endurance Finishes a 16K Mile Trip With One Electric Vehicle

While there is not usually a shortage of electric vehicle news to go around, it isn’t often that there is a truly remarkable story to share. A story that shows what humanity can do with an electric vehicle and pushes it to the very limit to show us just how far a little hard work and ingenuity can bring us.

Italy Prepares to Build the World's First Solar Energy Highway

When it comes to blending renewable energy concepts with green transportation, one of the more interesting ideas that is born from the combin

World Should Act Now to Reduce the Costs of Climate Change

Dealing with climate change now is less expensive than waiting for things to get worse.

Looking for Climate Change Leadership? Try Mexico City

The biggest city in the Western Hemisphere takes on climate change, pollution, and other environmental problems.

Kiribati Hosts Tarawa Climate Change Conference

One of the nations most vulnerable to climate change is hosting an international conference on the issue this week.

Good News on Climate Change: More Coal Power Leaving the Grid

An Arizona company announces it will retire the dirtiest units at the Four Corners coal-fired power plant.


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