Carbon Emissions

New US Buildings to Slash Energy and Emissions Footprint

By the year 2012, new buildings across the US will be 30% more energy efficient.

PNC Pulls Out of a Dirty Energy and Emissions Practice

Responding to public pressure, PNC Bank says it will no longer finance mountaintop removal coal mining.

More Funding Going to Research Ocean Acidification

This fall the US federal government made important commitments to investigate the impacts of ocean acidification.

South Africa Will Use Solar Power to Fight Climate Change

This week South Africa announces plans to build the planet's largest solar energy park.

Countries Ranked by Climate Change Vulnerability

Out of 171 countries, Bangladesh and India are ranked most at risk in a warming global climate.

Fire up Your Grill to Fight Climate Change?

“Once the cooking is over, most of the carbon from the fuel remains in the stove in the form of charcoal. This can be mixed in with soil, a process that sequesters the carbon for thousands of years and boosts crop productivity.”

Eurostar Plans to Operate a Newer, Greener Fleet by 2014

Electric cars, hybrid automobiles, hydrogen fuel cells: this is the kind of technology that seems to be most commonly associated with the overall change towards green transportation in popular media. However, where personal green vehicles are indeed an important part of the green transportation evolution, the benefits of green mass transit cannot be discounted.

Climate Change to Increase Hurricane Intensity, Posing Problems for Disadvantaged Communities

As severe tropical storms become more common and more deadly, poor countries and communities will be hit the hardest.

Mercury Emissions: The Forgotten Ones?


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