Carbon Emissions

Could Efforts to Save California’s Climate Change Law be a Model for National Policy?

The California-based coalition working to defeat Prop 23 sets an example for the fight for a national climate bill.

Benefits of the Clean Air Act: Sustainable Business and Economic Growth

Small business advocacy groups produce a new report showing the Clean Air Act's wide-reaching economic benefits.

Fight Against Climate Change Brings Solar Power to the White House

Sure it's a mainly symbolic move, but the announcement could be a forerunner of still greater things to come.

Solar Tour 2010 Revelations on Why People Buy Renewable Energy

The reason people spend so much on solar energy for their home is unlikely because of the cost and environment

Ontario Will Eliminate Coal Energy and Emissions by 2014

On Friday alone, the Canadian province removed 2,000 megawatts of coal power from the grid.

Why Closing Oregon's Boardman Coal Plant Makes Sense

Closing this plant by 2015 would set a national precedent. But our northern neighbors have already shown how it’s done.

Energy is not Created Equal: Technology Subsidies

Denmark's Growing Sustainable Business Potential

A new report shows how Denmark could meet 100% of its needs with clean energy by the year 2050.

Cow Farts and Oregano: Low Tech Carbon Emissions Reductions

Many people already realize that cows are a climate change catalyst. When it comes to carbon emissions, cows worldwide generate 37 percent of anthropogenic methane. (Their methane is ours since their numbers are due to our dairy and meat production.) And methane is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. So this is quite a bit.

Solar Air Conditioning Cuts Fossil Fuel Energy Consumption and Emissions

A solar powered air conditioning unit debuted in China this month. Can the technology catch on internationally?


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