Carbon Emissions

"Dark as a Dungeon"--Coal's Dark Lessons for Sustainable Business

By attending to powerful memories of coal, we can fire a responsible approach to achieving social justice.

Students Push Higher Education to Lead the Charge Against Climate Change

Students across the US are pushing their campuses to transition from climate-warming coal to clean energy.

The Dragonfly DF1: Taking Green Transportation Where We Don't Need Roads

My grandparents and parents both used to tell me when I was growing up that they were all expecting to have flying cars by the time I was whatever age I happened to be at the time. Visions of a sparkling future left over from the boom of the 1950s and cartoons like The Jetsons seemed to have at least made people hopeful, even if they weren’t convinced, that in the future things would have changed.

The New E-C1 Makes Green Transportation Seem Easy

The Netherlands has quite a bit to contribute in the area of green transportation. Since 2001, for example, the Delft University of Technology has been designing solar powered race cars known as the Nuna, the first of which won the 2001 World Solar Challenge race in Australia. Another heavy hitter for green transportation, Netherlands based Electric Cars Europe, has just recently announced their latest electric conversion.

Energy Tremors in Indian Country

Imagine if some corporation discovered coal under your house, and you were powerless to stop them from extracting it. (This is actually the case for a lot of landowners in Wyoming who don’t own the mineral rights under their property, and are now subject to disturbance by oil companies using new technologies to extract oil and gas.

A New Report Asks the US and India to Take Solar Energy Into Space

Several months ago, I mentioned the Shimizu Corporation’s plan to place solar panels on the moon to generate renewable energy that would be transferred back to Earth and distributed along power lines.

The Third National Clean Energy Summit

Brief overview and summary of the Third National Clean Energy Summit, with Harry Reid & the CAPA Fund in Las Vegas NV

Kiribati Challenges World to Curb Effects of Climate Change

A leader in marine conservation asks other countries to make short-term sacrifices for the sake of the planet.


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