Carbon Emissions

Russia Decides to Take a Step Forward with Biofuels

Russia is not known for being a country with any immediate interests in renewable energy or biofuels. The country still has a great deal of invested time and money in oil and coal based power plants are still a common sight in many parts of the country.

Interactive Map Shows Health Impacts of Energy and Emissions from Coal

A map created by the Clean Air Task Force demonstrates how online tools can bring home the impacts of energy policy.

“Yes And” Vs. “Yes But”

I read an article recently that advocated abandoning the “yes, but” paradigm for a “yes, and” paradigm. “Yes, but” drives us to become fixated on obstacles and difficulties. “Yes, but we tried that before.” “Yes, but we don’t have the technology.” “Yes, but people won’t change.”

US Offshore Wind Capacity Rated at 4,150 Gigawatts

As Europe and China lead the way on offshore wind, a new report predicts huge potential for growth in the US.

Northwestern US Holds Key to Stopping Global Causes of Climate Change

Proposals to export coal from the Northwest to China threaten efforts to reduce global causes of climate change.

You Don’t Need to Be a Rockefeller

In a pond where the lily pad population doubles every week, the philosopher/environmentalist David Suzuki once told us, the week before the lily pads smother the whole pond, half the water is still open, so choking from overcrowding still seems a long way off.

Climate Change Concerns Hand Australian Greens Victory

Australia's election experience highlights how effective democracy helps make action on climate change more possible.

Could Bacteria be the Future of Biofuels and Clean Energy?

Methods of generating clean energy and biofuels come from a variety of different resources that occur naturally.

A Second Oil Explosion in the Gulf

Mother Nature makes her point the hard was as new disaster highlights need for clean energy innovation.


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