Carbon Emissions

Something You Can Do to Up the Ante on Carbon Emissions

I’ve written before about the obstacles to getting a carbon emission cap passed by the US Senate. Here’s the other side of the story – something you can do on your own - a way to up the ante on carbon emissions without having to cajole myopic Senators from coal-producing states (who are, after all, a minority in this country).

Energy from Chickens and a Fox in a Georgia Community's Henhouse

People unite to stop a toxic incinerator; this is a model and also a cautionary tale of how much more we need to do.

Good News on Climate Change from Malaysia

Today the Malaysian state of Sabah rejected plans for a coal plant in the heart of country's rainforest ecosystems.

Using Art to Start Clean Energy Conversations

An example from Portland, Oregon shows how art and creativity can help drive the clean energy message home.

Big Banks Ditch Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

Banks from Wells Fargo to Morgan Stanley have become less likely to fund destructive mountaintop removal coal mining.

Russian Heat Wave to Spur Climate Innovation?

The Russian heat wave is shifting discussions on climate, and could spur Russia to look for climate change solutions.

Singapore Is Serious About Climate Change

Singapore is actively monitoring alternative energy sources in preparation of adopting new technologies as they improve

In North Carolina, Solar Energy Becomes Cheaper than Nuclear

With renewable energy looking more and more cost effective, the US may have no need for nuclear power plants.

Ecuador Steps Closer to Historic Climate Change Deal

A landmark agreement could help preserve Ecuador's Amazon and keep millions of barrels of oil in the ground.

Energy Revolution: How does it Start?

“You need to understand that when they (politicians) discuss energy independence it’s a rhetorical gimmick"


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