Carbon Emissions

Have We Entered an Oil Peak Period?

"it has been concluded after studying the ability of producing Crude Oil in 47 oil producing countries that the peak oil period is nearing and will be reached at the latest by 2014,"

Any State Can Do It: Decoupling Utility Profits from Energy Demand

What if I told you that we already have the tools we need to reduce our nation’s electric and natural gas energy consumption in hand, and that those tools reside, not with the Federal Government, but with each State. Wouldn’t that be something? And in many places it doesn’t even require legislation.

Straddling Buses Could Change Transportation in China

Straddling buses that pass over cars could change how people get around in China - and in cities all over the world.

How Green Is Your Airline? (Hint: It’s More Than Carbon Emissions)

One airline is advertising that its fleet emits less carbon emissions than a Prius per passenger mile. Obviously there’s more to being “green” than low carbon emissions. But let’s follow this story.

What Utilities Can Learn From Big Auto

By avoiding mistakes made by the auto industry, US utilities can set themselves up for success in a cleaner economy.

Howdy, Howdy, Let's Get Rowdy---About a Path to Renewable Energy & More

This is introductory, personal as well as conceptual. My life in intersection with energy questions is the focus.

Delaware Clean Energy Package to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Create Jobs

Today Governor Jack A. Markell signed four state laws that will help spur clean energy investments in Delaware.

US EPA Refuses to Stall Action on Climate Change

Today the EPA stood up for science and rejected ten petitions challenging its endangerment finding on greenhouse gases.


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