Carbon Emissions

In China, Cap on Coal Output May Help Slow Climate Change

China is considering a ceiling on coal production by 2015, to reduce both carbon emissions and climate change.

EPA's Critique of Oil Pipeline is a Victory for Sustainable Business

The White House may get the chance to scrap a giant oil pipeline and invest in clean energy instead.

Sultan Al Jaber Speaks on Renewable Energy and the UAE

The Middle East, while being in an oil rich region of the world, has long been seen as an ideal place to begin a renewable energy revolution. The wide, open areas many countries in the Middle East enjoy are ideal for wind power, while the abundant sunshine makes the desert locations perfect for solar energy.

Carbon Emissions and the Carbon Intensity Red Herring

Thomas Friedman of the NY Times reported this from The China Daily the other day:

White Roofs Gain Ground as a Remedy for Climate Change

Reflective roofing is a simple way to reduce carbon emissions and energy use in cities across the world.

Financial Institutions Should Fund Sustainable Business, Not Coal Plants

By re-directing money from coal plants to sustainable business, lenders can help launch the clean energy revolution.

Five Silver Bullets for the Next Attempt at Carbon Emissions Legislation

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) announced that the carbon emissions legislation, aka cap-and-trade bill, that he had hoped to move through the Senate this summer was being withdrawn.

Using the Sun and Salts to Generate Renewable Energy

Concentrating solar power, or CSP, is one of the many ways to use sunlight to generate cheap forms of renewable energy. While several projects currently exist around the world, an Italian energy company called Enel has changed the way CSP can be developed.

Oregon Looks at Plastic Bags as Agents of Pollution and Climate Change

Manufacturing plastic shopping bags consumes oil and releases unnecessary carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Honda Announces Plans to Cut Carbon Emissions with New Cars

Earlier today, Japanese automaker Honda announced that it was ready to start thinking about reducing carbon emissions and start seriously developing for the electric and hybrid automobile market. In that past, Honda has, much like Toyota, shown a lack of interest in electric cars due to the obvious drawbacks electric vehicles tend to have.


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