Carbon Emissions

Maldives Hosts Innovative Meeting on Climate Change

While mega-polluters stall, other nations lead the way toward international solutions to climate change.

Signs of Climate Change: June of 2010 the Hottest on Record

With more and more evidence of climate change, innovators should be careful where they make their investments.

Concerned about Climate Change and Deforestation, Companies Ditch Sinar Mas

With the conglomerate's practices causing deforestation and climate change, companies are cutting ties with Sinar Mas.

California’s Climate Change Law Spurs Jobs and Innovation

California's climate change law has helped create thousands of jobs. But the oil industry threatens to freeze it.

Toyota and Tesla Team Up to Reduce Carbon Emissions with New Designs

Though Toyota and Tesla announced their plans to work together on some new carbon emissions friendly prototypes a few months ago, only now are more details about the partnership coming together. The partnership was initially revealed when the president of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, announced that he admired Tesla Motors for their business practices and their status as a new, inventive venture business with unique technologies.

Why Energy and Emissions Legislation Will Make Ducks Walk

Energy and Emissions (and a lot of other) legislation is pretty nearly at a stand still in the US Senate. Very little makes it out of that august chamber. And what DOES make it out is so watered down that the ducks at the nearest reservoir have to walk to dinner each time something passes.

Climate Change and World Population Day

Population growth may contribute to climate change. But it's not the only factor, or even the most important.

Can Pro-Carbon Decisions be Countered Using Online Media?

When Obama messes up on energy policy, online media can remind the administration what it says it stands for.

World Leaders Asked to Fight Climate Change with Solar Power

Climate groups are asking leaders to "Put Solar On It," and fight the causes of climate change on their rooftops.

Renewable Energy, Renewed Community

When my wife and I got married, we planned a wedding where the guests prepared the feast – barbecuing the salmon, churning the ice cream, making the salad. It was dictated more by economic considerations than anything else. But the result was educational. Even today (26 years later) people will tell us it was the best and most memorable wedding they had been to. What is it they remember?


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