Carbon Emissions

NC State Project Creates New Waste Free Method of Making Biofuels

One of the biggest obstacles biofuel researchers face is the competition they have when trying to acquire crops for use in biofuel production. Corn, a potentially large source of biofuel thanks to its high starch and sugar content, also serves as one of the primary food crops in the United States, leaving biofuel researchers and producers the unfortunate task of competing over pricing.

In India, a New Carbon Tax Will Fund Renewable Energy

While industrialized countries delay, India is taking steps to reduce climate change. A new tax on coal will help.

Obama’s Request for Climate Change Funding in FY2011 Revealed

The Obama Administration has put out its request for climate change funding in FY2011. Where's the money going?

Solar Impulse Prepares to Launch a 24 Hour Flight in a Plane Run on Renewable Energy

The Solar Impulse project has developed a solar powered airplane that they hope to use to circumnavigate the world.

New Renewable Energy Programs in Paris Harness the Power of Water

Paris has several programs underway that aim to turn the city into a more environmentally friendly location.

Actually, Small Business Owners Do Want a Climate Bill

A new poll suggests small business owners see benefits in clean energy and climate legislation, and want it to pass.

Clean Sky: The European Answer to Carbon Emissions in the Commercial Aviation Industry

The European Clean Sky JTI aims to reduce carbon emissions, noise pollution, and increase efficiency by 2014-2020.

The FAA Plans to Scrub the Sky of Carbon Emissions with CLEEN

Using grants from the new CLEEN Program, the FAA and five aviation companies hope to reduce the environmental impact.

CSR Report Addresses Reducing Carbon Emissions in China Through Improved Efficiency

A recent report shows how to reduce carbon emissions in China by unlocking energy efficiency

Range and Reduced Carbon Emissions: When will Electric Cars Go Farther?

While electric cars already have several bonuses when it comes to reducing carbon emissions range is still an issue.


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