Carbon Emissions

Climate Change Comes with Snow Storms, Cold Snaps

Last winter's cold weather and snow storms are linked to the melting Arctic and a warmer global climate.

Publishers Linked to Deforestation, Climate Change

A report shows how the manufacturing of children's books sold in the US contributes to global deforestation.

The YeZ Aims to Reduce Carbon Emissions Naturally by 2030

The YeZ, a design unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, aims to reduce emissions by using designs inspired by nature.

Renewable Energy in Hawaii Goes Underwater

As Hawaii plans to increase the amount of renewable energy sources they look to try underwater cabling with wind power.

Coal Plants: Bad for Your Pocketbook, Bad for the Climate

Burning coal causes climate change, and makes for a bad investment. An Oregon plant drives home the point.

BBC Road Trip to Raise Awareness about Carbon Emissions

In hopes of raising awareness on the issue of carbon emissions, a BBC media team has teamed up with Norwegian automobile company Think to drive an electric car around Europe. The goal is to determine just how effective an electric car works in a variety of conditions, while showing what a possible future in a world of electric cars would be like.

From the Earth to the Moon: Solar Power's Future as a Clean Energy

Solar power seems to be one of the most accessible clean energies currently available and aims to remain so.

New Study: Climate Change Best Mitigated by Natural Forests

What constitutes a forest? If you care about climate change, the answer is very important.

Dirty Air Act Would Hurt Efforts to Stop Climate Change

On Thursday, a group of senators led by Alaska's Lisa Murkowski will try to block efforts to combat climate change.

Obama Pushes Climate Bill: Now it's Time to Keep Up the Pressure

On Wednesday, President Obama pledged to finally pass a climate change bill. But will words translate to action?


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