Carbon Emissions

New Zealand Companies Crack Down on Illegal Timber

The NZ Imported Tropical Timber Group says it will only buy Indonesian wood verified to be legally harvested.

Eastbound and Down

London Makes Plans to Turn Black Cabs Green

Converting forms of public transportation over to green technology is a great way of reducing the carbon emissions in a particular metropolitan area. To this effect, many cities around the world have invested in buses that utilize either hybrid systems or fully renewable fuel sources.

Ethiopia Moves Toward Carbon Neutrality

Ethiopia's announcement that it will reforest 15 million acres is latest in a series of initiatives to curb emissions.

US Interior Department Fails to Deliver Clean Energy

Opening new areas to coal mining in Wyoming flies in the face of efforts to shift the US to clean energy.

Arctic Ice Cover at Near-Record Low

This year's maximum Arctic ice cover tied with that of 2006 for the lowest ever recorded.

The New York Times' Paywall Costly to the Environment

The New York Times is instituting a paywall for their content.  It is not news that journalism is having difficulty profiting in the modern online media world.  Embracing the moment, The New York Times is available online and via apps for a variety of devices including iPad and iPhone.*


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