Carbon Emissions

Solid State Lighting for Green Building & Job Creation

The U.S. can build a SSL manufacturing base to strengthen its economy & reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

Green Street Development Workshop

Staying abreast of the best practices in the dynamic green building industry is critical for professionals.

Will Solar Cells be Outsourced like Semiconductors?

The level of capital for R&D and role of government spending differentiates the solar and semiconductor industries.

Outsourcing of Microchips Impacts U.S. Jobs: is solar next?

As more semiconductor companies outsource microchips to foundries using a fabless model, what does this mean for solar?

Tangled Web of Carbon Emissions

The UN published an eye-catching and educational graphic that illustrates society’s sources of carbon emissions as well as the use that generated those emissions and the kind of emissions they are. You can pull a boatload of surprises off this one. Here are a few that surprised me. (All values are computed based on CO2 equivalent tonnage.)

Brian Coppa Begins Justmeans Clean Energy Column

Brian Coppa, Ph.D., has recently joined the blog team with Justmeans and will be developing a new clean energy column.

A Question for the 21st Century

What is climate change anyways?

Global Warming Politics ≠ Partisanship

<p><img src="" border="0" alt="" hspace="10" vspace="5" align="right" />If we really want to get a stranglehold on global warming before it strangles us, we must reform national energy policies (or lack thereof) in the capital of every industrialized nation, especially the United States.</p>


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