Carbon Emissions

Wind, Wind, Blow Away

Wind has been powering mankind for thousands of years.  Gentle and clean, a warm breeze embraces and provides clean electricity.  But the wind is whipping into an icy storm of dissent when people and turbines are forced to live next to each other day-in and day-out.

Will Rolls-Royce Go From Exclusive to Exclusively Green?

In the luxury automobile market, the prevalence of electric vehicles and hybrid cars is not nearly as impressive as it is in other areas. However, Rolls-Royce has announced that it is currently looking into just what electric and hybrid technology can do with their iconic luxury automobiles.

US Green Chamber of Commerce to Advocate Climate Solutions

The San Diego-based organization could eventually become more important than the more and more obsolete US Chamber.

Is the World Ready for 20 Million Climate Refugees?

As climate change forces millions to flee developing countries, North America and Europe must get ready.

True Colors: Ambre Is Not Green

Millennium Bulk Terminals, a subsidiary of Australian company Ambre Energy Limited, received preliminary approval from Cowlitz County to create a coal export terminal in Longview, Washington, U.S., in November, 2009.  The original plan was for a facility that would handle five million tons of coal per year.

U.S. Coal to China = 7,000 Mile Supply Chain

In 2009 China became a net-importer of coal.  In 2006 the New York Times reported that China was already using “more coal than the United States, the European Union and Japan combined.”  Today the amount of coal demanded in China is greater than

Soot and Smog Important in Climate Change Fight, Says UN

Curbing soot and smog pollution quickly could buy precious time in the longer-term effort to stop climate change.

Obama's Chief Science Advisor Warns Congress Over Carbon Emissions

President Barack Obama’s chief science advisor, Professor John Holdren has stated that it is unlikely that congress will pass a bill that will put a tax on carbon emissions.

The Results Are In (Again): US Voters Like Clean Air

Two polls released this month show the Clean Air Act and Environmental Protection Agency are wildly popular with voters


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