Carbon Emissions

When it Comes to Biofuels Novozymes Has the Know-How

(Novozymes A/S will be represented by Claus Frier, the Head of Sustainable Development for Novozymes, at the Integrated Reporting and Measuring Sustainability Conference. The conference, which is being hosted by Justmeans, is being held on March 25th in London.)

“Hello”: An Energy and Emissions Lesson From Uncle Leo

Len Lesser, Uncle Leo of Seinfeld fame, died yesterday, February 16, 2011, age 88.  “The Bookstore”, season 9 episode 17 for those of you following along at home, presents a scenario that mirro

Bombardier Rides the Rails With Greener, More Efficient Rail Technology

Earlier today, I took some time to give a brief run through of Bombardier's Aerospace division and their fantastic work with transforming aircraft into greener machines.

Bombardier Gets Ahead of the Pack on Climate Change

Reducing emissions is an opportunity for transportation manufacturer Bombardier to get ahead of the pack.

Bombardier Aerospace Turns the Skies Green

Around the world, there are a variety of business and corporations that work towards the development of greener, more environmentally friendly transportation technologies. One such company is Bombardier, a leader in both the aerospace and transportation industries with an eye for efficiency.

HP, Apple, and Dell: Which Has the Most Green to Tell?

A quick survey of corporate environmental rankings from sources including Newsweek and Justmeans consistently show Apple behind their tech sector competition.  The 2009 Justmeans rankings put HP at number seven, Dell at number 68, and App

A Green Energy Valentine’s Day Massacre - Part Two

Part one of this article introduces the use of solar energy for charging portable electronics in the urban jungle and beyond.  Part two touches on the inclusion of a battery and finds one company walking the talk.

Golden Agri-Resources to Deforest No More?

The palm oil branch of the Sinar Mas conglomerate responds to pressure to stop destroying Indonesia's rainforests.

A Green Energy Valentine’s Day Massacre - Part One

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the search for an eco-conscious gift is on many people’s mind.  Portable electronic devices become more prevalent everyday and the attachment some people have to their devices borders on addiction.  So what better gift for the junkie in your life than a virtually limitless free supply of juice, you know, electricity.

New Hydrogen Powered Yacht Concept Finds Its Roots in Cold War Designs

The development of green transportation on the sea is a fairly interesting one when one takes a moment to look at it. The earliest methods of sailing were accomplished using “green” technology in the form of sails that caught the wind, while many of today’s designs are focused on using the sun or alternative fuels to achieve propulsion.


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