Carbon Emissions

Emissions Playing Russian Roulette With the Amazon

In 2010, we witnessed one of the most disturbing droughts that the Amazon rainforest has ever experienced and some scientist believe that we are now playing Russian roulette with the world’s largest rainforest.

New Hybrid Drive Systems Allow Buses to Use 1/3 Less Fuel

Changing our own personal vehicles in order to have less of an environmental impact on the planet is definitely a worthy endeavor. However, one aspect of green transportation that cannot be ignored is mass transit, particularly the various forms of buses that appear in major population centers around the globe.

The EPA Doesn’t Want to Play with Biomass Emissions Today

Last month, January, 2011, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) postponed deciding how to regulate carbon emissions from the combustion of biomass.  Biomass is viewed as a renewable energy resource but shares several characteristics with fossil fuels.  Unlike solar, wind, hydro, or even geothermal, biomass must be combusted after it is harvested just like oil, gas, and coal.

WWF Presents Its Clean Energy Vision

The international NGO takes a bold, positive outlook on the future of energy

Better Buildings Initiative Should be Win-Win for Business

President Obama's proposal to increase building efficiency 20% in ten years is good for the economy and environment

Delhi Sustainable Development Summit to Focus on Small Island Nations

DSDS 2011 aims to address the dangers of global warming faced by small island states around the world.

End the Oil Subsidies, for Common Sense's Sake!

President Obama's plan to eliminate subsidies to Big Oil should be embraced from both sides of the political aisle.

Greece Seeks a New Partner to Build a Massive Solar Power Park

With ambitious renewable energy goals being set all across Europe, it seems that there are precious few European nations that have not made some effort to stand up and attempt to make a difference.

What Kind of "Clean" Energy Will Repower the US Economy?

In the State of the Union, President Obama called for 80% clean energy by 2035. The question is what counts as "clean"?

The United Arab Emirates Looks Into Solar Energy Desalination

That state of solar energy in the Middle East is always an interesting one to consider, especially for an oil-rich nation such as the United Arab Emirates. While there are many in the country that are working towards developing ways of taking advantage of the abundant sunlight and space available, there is also the constant presence of the oil industry to balance it all out.


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