Carbon Emissions

A Humanitarian Crisis Called Climate Change

In 2011, at least three countries are already suffering from record floods that may be related to climate change.

Algerian City to Slash Carbon Energy and Emissions

South of Algiers, the new city of Boughzoul could serve as a model for city planners throughout the developing world.

Why Carbon Capture and Sequestration Won't Stop Climate Change

In Saskatchewan, "stored" carbon is leaking out of the ground, undermining the workability of CCS.

The Next Step for Fighting Climate Change in the Northwest

A chance to make the transition off Washington's TransAlta Coal Plant by 2015 or sooner.

Qantas to Produce the World's Second Commercial Biofuel Plant

One of the biggest green movements in the aviation industry has to be the focus on trying to find the perfect biofuels to cut down the carbon emissions given off by an airplane using standard jet fuel.

Gujarat Solar Farm Marks Leap for Sustainable Business in India

The west Indian state of Gujarat plans to invest 105 billion rupees in a 500 megawatt solar project.

The Year the Tide Turned Against Coal

For the second year running, no coal plant broke down in 2010. Closure dates were set for 48 dirty coal plants.

Molycorp Prepares to Reopen Their Rare Earth Materials Mine

As many countries in the world race to achieve a variety of renewable energy goals time has to be set aside to determine just how those goals will be achieved. With a rivalry that feels almost like a remnant from the Cold War reignited, China and the United States both seemed to be going at it to prove that they can be the renewable energy leaders of the world.

Will RBC’s New Social Standards Prevent Investments in Climate Change?

A new social and environmental policy could affect Royal Bank of Canada's financing of dirty energy projects.


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