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Attention Educators: Prepare Students for Career Planning Realities

Background & Argument:

In an October 26th Huffington Post article, IBM Global University Programs Director Jim Spohrer encouraged colleges and universities to revise their approach to workforce preparation. Spoher, who works with educational institutions, based his argument on the idea that developments in technology and industry outpace developments in education.

SimplyHired Integrates Facebook: Useful or Not?

In April 2010, SimplyHired announced its integration with the Facebook platform to create a social media- based job search tool. Until this partnership, SimplyHired was just a place to explore jobs by location while Facebook was a place for friends to connect, exchange information, crack jokes, and share pictures. Now, your Facebook connections can help you search for jobs.

Self-Employment: the New Retirement?

The common perception is that it's  the younger generations who branch out to start their own companies and consulting practices, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, rates of self-employment are higher among older adults.

Six Companies with Stellar Employee Perks

A responsible career goes beyond a calling or cause. In addition to enabling you to work for a goal or cause, a career should help you improve your lifestyle. Believe it or not, perks can go beyond basic salaries and health insurance to help you balance your quality of life. Especially if you're in an environment with 40+ hour work weeks, you need time to relax.

Career Planning: Six of the Least Stressful Jobs

An important career planning step involves finding a job that complements your values, objectives, and lifestyle. When you job-hunt, it's important to remain true to yourself. While some people thrive in high-pressure environments, others don't.

Career Planning for Open Enrollment & Changes to Your FSA

October means Halloween, the month preceding the holidays, and open enrollment at companies throughout the United States. While you reevaluate your health plan and flexible spending account (FSA), keep in mind that major changes are happening starting in 2011. Make sure that you're educated about these changes when determining how many pre-tax dollars to contribute to your flexible spending account.

Education & Career Planning Should Be Innovative

How can schools do a better job preparing students for the workforce?

Unemployment: A Demographic & Geographic Analysis

In its September Outlook, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the national unemployment rate remains strong at just under 10 percent. Translated, this number says that about one in ten Americans in the job market are unemployed.


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