Career Planning

Career Planning: Things to Do When You Are Unemployed

Career planning can be tough while you're unemployed. First of all, you probably didn't see this coming, and you weren't prepared for this situation that seemingly happened out of nowhere. Secondly, you probably aren't in the best frame of mind. You are probably stressed about finances -- how are you going to pay your bills and take care of your family with an unemployment check?

Three Job Hunting Tips to Give You a Competitive Edge in a Down Economy

Learn to think strategically when job hunting in a terrible economy.

Career Planning & the Stimulus: Are More Layoffs Around the Corner?

A major portion of the stimulus package may end on Thursday. What happens next?

Five Career Planning Steps That College Seniors Should Take Right Now

With graduation less than a year away, there are five crucial career planning steps that seniors should take right now.

Career Planning: Three Unique Graduate Degree Programs That Teach Concrete & Applicable Skills

When career planning and choosing an educational path, it's important to choose a degree that helps you specialize.

Post-Recession Career Choices - Are You Ready for Your Next Responsible Career Move?

Labor demand is increasing, are you ready to make the most of the responsible career choices available to you?

Career Planning & Graduate School: Choose a Degree That Helps You Keep Evolving

Today's economic climate has inspired many professionals to return to school. While some are looking to enhance their credentials, others hope to pursue an entirely new career track. While some are leaving jobs that they love, others have been unemployed for months-- even years, in some instances.


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