Choosing a Career

Job Search Tips for Liberal Arts Students: Show Off Your Marketable Skills!

A liberal arts education helps develop valuable marketable skills to succeed in socio-eco innovation.

What you Say Matters in Choosing A Career: Increase & Enhance your results

The ability to consistently share about your career goals and your new career direction is important to securing opportunities and job leads. A very simple and successful tool to facilitate this goal is the 30 second introduction. In this second of two-part blog, I’ll share how to use the 30-second introduction for greater results.

You Can Create Job Opportunities In Socio-Eco Innovation!

Voting with our dollars is the most powerful way to create more socio-eco innovation job opportunities!

Earth Day: Being Green: Plant, Principles, & Profit. Where does your career fit in?

Earth Day is a time to ponder and reflect on your personal impact and imprint on the planet and what you are doing pers

Are You Looking for CSR Job Openings? Look into Benefits Corporations!

Should you look for job openings in CSR or B Corps? Both aim at creating economic, social, and environmental value.

Three Pieces Of Career Advice For Future CSR Professionals

Blogs, books and networking tips to help aspiring CSR professionals create their professional development road map.

What Stops you from Career Planning? Remove obstacles to your greater success.

You are successful in your career development plan when you can focus your 100% attention there. Being distracted by tolerations and shoulds only delays your success. How can you find a new career and generate a life that is exciting and easy to manage?

Career Management: Should You Accept An Unpaid Internship?

Unpaid internships can offer career management experiences as well as contacts that can be more valuable than money.

What you say matters in your Job Search. Update and enhance your image overnight.

What you say and how you say it creates impact and results. Is what you are saying useful and forward moving your job search forward? Speaking effectively in shorter amounts of time with more impact valued. Learn what a 30 second pitch is and how to do one.

Top 3 Leadership Styles For Socio-Eco Innovators

Leadership styles that foster productive collaborations are key for socio-eco innovators.


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