Choosing a Career

Work, Family, Private Life Why Not All Three?

Learn how to integrate and synergize all areas of your life. Ask yourself is having it all worth it? If so, what do you need to do to be a success at work, in your family, and in your private life.

Secrets of the Successful Businesswomen

There are secrets to being a success in the workplace. When combining being over 40 with being a women you need to know some of the rules of what works.

The Fast Start on Your New Job

Your first 30 days on the job are the most important to generating a positive impression, impacting your creditability, and generating career success, and longevity at the company. There are specific considerations to keep in mind.

Sharpen Your Skills: Boundaries in the Workplace

In this series titled sharpening yourself in the workplace we’ll explore various topics this one being the importance of boundaries. Is your workspace like your family? Are you able to distinguished between what is yours and what isn’t? Do you overly emphasize actions, which are killing your chances for success?

Are you as precise with your coffee order as you are your life?

Have you considered how your life integrates and relates to other parts of your life? Are you more specific and clear about your coffee order than your career path? Make decisions based on your preferences and desires.

Thanksgiving: Gratitude in Many Forms

Gratitude is a way of focusing energy and momentum for your life. Taking time to pause and acknowledge what is working for you and your career pays off in many ways. When we direct our attention towards the good it magnifies it.

Are Interviews Effective?

Are interviews still working? How can something that causes us so much stress be good for us? Learn how to be a success

Valuing Yourself & Being Paid

Are you asking for and being paid what your worth? What you have to offer and how you respond is up to you. People respond and react to you based on how you define yourself.

Networking for Career Success & Focus

In our global age of work and economic commerce it’s important to succeed towards your career goals by being connected and engaged with and in various communities and groups. It’s not just whom you know but who knows you.


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