Straw Hat Pizza Pledges Greener Restaurants

Straw Hat Pizza has been a leader in providing food with socially responsible ingredients for decades, but they are expanding their pledge to make their restaurants as green as possible.

Hershey Allies With The Ferrero Group For Stronger CSR

Chocolate powerhouse, Hershey, is joining with The Ferrero Group for warehouse, transportation and distribution services as well as creating stronger corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The Almighty Peso: Sustainable Investing in Mexico

"Companies are looking for the best place to invest. It's obvious that Mexico has been that place for North America." -- Bruno Ferrari, Mexico Minister of Economy

Are Luxury and Corporate Social Responsibility Compatible?

CSR efforts by corporations are often met with skepticism.

Masipag: Going Beyond Sustainability in the Philippines

"We have the best workforce in the world." -- Philippine Economic Zone Authority

"Masipag" is the Filipino word for industrious, a term that has often been used to describe the nation's workers and a trait that has made the Philippines a growing destination for foreign direct investment (FDI).

Ghana Fishin’: Sustainable Aquaculture in Sub-Saharan Africa’s Fastest-Growing Economy

"Foreign direct investment is relatively low for an economy of Ghana's potential." -- World Bank, June 17, 2011

Tapping Into Ancient Mercantilism: Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Investing in India

"There is little interest in sustainable investment in India’s rapidly growing mutual fund and life insurance market at the current time." -- International Finance Corporation

CSR Increasing in Profile in Dubai

CSR gains momentum in UAE through the Dubai Chamber of Commerce

CSR at the Heart of London 2012 Olympics

Partnerships between the organisers of London’s 2012 Olympics and its sponsors are resulting in a truly ‘green Games’.


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