Partnership working in CSR

Social enterprise the Twist Partnership, joined forces with city law firm Simmons & Simmons to show the power of CSR joint working.

Can We Really Put Sustainability into Boxes?

Last week I attended the JustMeans conference "Refining Value: Integrated Reporting and Measuring Sustainability" in London, which brought together leading investors and top CSR executives, including the likes of BP and Nestle public affairs directors.

CSR and Sustainable Water Use

World Water Day took place this week, a focal point for a CSR issue which is growing in importance and prominence. Sustainable water use is becoming a major topic for business as it is critical to so many production processes.

An industry for which water is particularly important is brewing. Depending on where you live, and where the hops for your beer are grown, it can take as much as 155 litres of water to produce one litre of beer.

The Giving Pledge: India CSR With Buffett and Gates

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates boost philanthropic CSR through their Giving Pledge campaign.

CSR Initiatives Focusing on Water Stewardship

Water stewardship is the focus of CSR for many companies - a look at what corporates are doing to save water.

Cynical UK Public Disbelieve Companies’ CSR Claims

New research shows a deep public cynicism about companies’ claims of action on the important CSR issue of climate change.

India CSR: Will the Real CSR Policy Please Stand Up?

Indian Minister of Heavy Industries says that the proposal to make CSR mandatory should be revisited.

UK’s Inaugural Climate Week Provides CSR Focus for Business

The UK’s inaugural Climate Week kicks off today (21st March) providing a CSR focus for business to showcase the actions they’re already taking – with the aim of inspiring others.

Share Your Breakfast With Kellogg: CSR or Advertising?

Kellogg's Share Your Breakfast campaign - CSR or clever marketing?

CSR and a New Vision for the Future

UK CSR experts are encouraging businesses to move beyond small incremental steps to a larger transformational change.

Business in the Community (BITC) has today (18 March) launched a new programme called Visioning the Future. Its aim is to help businesses picture, plan and build business models that are both successful and sustainable.


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