Global Warming

State of the Planet 2010: What's Up With Climate Change?

Columbia University hosted the State of the Planet 2010. Climate change was on the program. What did the experts say?

Care About Climate Change? Forget Earth Hour

Earth Hour plays into skeptical narratives about climate change and offers no long-term solutions to climate change.

Earth Hour 2010: Climate Change Awareness Around the Clock Around the World

March 27, 2010 - Earth Hour 2010 - billions of people across the globe raised awareness on climate change

Rainy Season Worries in Haiti: How to Help

Climate-related problems could make the disaster in Haiti even worse. Who's helping? What can you do?

Climate Change to Increase Ground-Level Ozone, Smog, and Air Pollution

Climate change is likely to increase ground-level ozone, smog, and air pollution - making it harder to breathe

Scotland Policy: Going Blue with Wave and Tidal Renewable Energy

Wave and tidal renewable energy, to be installed; world's largest system off Scotland and the UK

Indirect Effects of Climate Change on Cyclones

Climate change isn't necessarily directly affecting cyclones, but there are some areas where the two tie together.

Should We Switch To Consumption-Based Carbon Dioxide Accounting?

Emissions based on national boundaries just doesn't make sense in our globalized economy.

Front Cover News: Global Warming Movement Cooling? Yes

Scientists trying to prove climate change and global warming is real; Skeptics proudly claim cooling in an unfair fight


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